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Claudia Sutherland

Introducing the President of When The Mood Is Food, Claudia Sutherland.

This premier culinary consulting organization, home to one of the finest culinary facilities, offers multiple services and seasoned expertise.

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Claudia Sutherland, President, When The Mood Is Food, is a nationally recognized culinary expert, television spokesperson, event planner, and designer extraordinaire. She has developed, designed and built a magical, imaginative culinary facility, The Center for Culinary Arts & Development, incorporating state-of-the-art foodservice and consumer kitchen facilities in a stimulating setting. Adjacent to these facilities, the newly built, high tech, futuristic International Teleconferencing and Video Center is available in conjunction with any services at The Center for Culinary Arts & Development.

Ms. Sutherland launched her career more then two decades ago, when she founded her first company, Claudia's Gourmet Foods. Her manufacturing operation created a then new-to-the-world luxury line of desserts, breads and appetizers, supplying the foodservice community and consumers via mail order and grocery.

In 1990, the sale of Claudia's Gourmet Foods launched When The Mood Is Food, Ms. Sutherland's nationally recognized culinary consulting firm. When The Mood Is Food earned its reputation as industry experts by honing successful skill sets, years spent in several segments of the industry, keen attention to detail, observation of the patterns and behaviors of the masses, and international cooking tours and classes. When The Mood Is Food always works smart for their clients.

Claudia Sutherland is inventive, innovative, original, and an "ideator extraordinaire!"  When The Mood Is Food has the skills and strategies to team effortlessly with your staff and your business creating culinary successes that build your business.

We are the experts in Consumer Foods, Foodservice, Manufacturing

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