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World Class Culinary Facilities

"Instead of just thinking about the recipe or new product that she is developing, she can see the big picture, she sees how that recipe or idea fits in to a bigger result that we're trying to get for the brand.

She knows everybody in the business. No matter who you talk about or what topics you discuss, she knows someone who's involved in that. She stays very well connected and is up to date with what the trends are, what different companies are doing. She's just fabulous."

Yvonne LaPenotiere
Carlson Hotels Worldwide, Former President, Retired

"If I had a few Claudia's in this corporation I know that I could even grow at a faster rate because when you ask her to get the job done, she gets it done and it's done right.

There's truth and there's fiction. This is truth. She is a very hard-working, creative person who I would hire in a flash."

Allan Schuman
Former Chairman of the Board, Ecolab, Retired
Former Chairman of the Board, Schwans, Retired

"Claudia is a dynamic, expressive, fireball.

Expand your vision. Allow Claudia to challenge your food view. I can assure you that any creative session with Claudia will have you rethinking your current product portfolio and market strategies."

Jeff Sholl
CEO, Vista Institute

"I love Claudia's kitchen as well as her new Conference Center and Theatre. It's a great place to conduct cooking classes, product shows and informal group discussions. She has created a stimulating atmosphere especially for people who really enjoy food."
Dr. William Barrier
American Dairy Queen Corp., VP, Research & Development

"The Center for Culinary Arts & Development is a creative environment that stimulates us to become artists, dipping brushes into our spirits and painting our inner nature into foods, friends, fashions, flowers and festivities."
Roger K.Thompson
Darden Restaurants, Former Senior VP of Research and Strategic Marketing, Retired

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International Teleconferencing and Video Center
The Center for Culinary Arts & Development Photo
The Center for Culinary Arts & Development

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