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Culinary Facilities

Hands-on Culinary Facilities and International Teleconferencing and Video Center

The Center for Culinary Arts & Development, a proprietary resource of When The Mood Is Food, is touted as one of the nation's premiere "culinary workshops". This center is devoted to total quality in consumer packaged goods and foodservice products as well as the opportunities associated with all culinary subtopics.

The dramatic, newly built 5-Star cooking theatre features both state-of-the-art consumer and foodservice equipment. The kitchen facilities are attached to a futuristic International Teleconferencing and Video Center offering both video streaming and video conferencing capabilities.

Culinary Facilities Photo
Part of the culinary facilities for When The Mood Is Food

Nature surrounds us. Simply standing among the fresh growing herbs in the sunny English conservatory adjacent, will stimulate your creative flow. The landscaped grounds, decks, and patios, all offer tranquil spaces for those reflective moments of imagination and creation.

If you have a need for a unique and inviting environment equipped with unsurpassed amenities, "non-foodies" are welcomed to call and explore this exciting Center.

We Are, Without Question, Different And One Of A Kind

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